Welcome to Anime Dallas

COVID Safety

Limited Attendance

We have limited attendance to 800 individuals across the entire weekend. All event spaces are reduced to 25% capacity and all seating is spaced 6 feet apart. Daily attendance is capped at 400 people per day (normally 8,000 or more).

Sanitizing Requirements

We have provided all vendors and artists with hand sanitizing stations across the convention event. We require individuals to use hand sanitizer when entering any open space including our artist alley, dealers room, and game room. The venue and our staff sanitize each room between all events. All microphones are sanitized between users.


The seating chairs in all event rooms allow groups of up to four individuals from the same household to sit together, and all sets of chairs are six feet apart from any others. All vendors have been spaced out as well. Close contact events such as our dances will not happen.

Texas IS Anime

Anime fans rejoice as you hear about an exciting, fun new anime convention in Dallas, Texas. Join us for a rip-rolling heckofa good time weekend in the winter. We’ve got three days of fun and cosplay ready to go for you!

November 12-14, 2021 at the Hyatt Regency DFW

COVID-19 Health and Safety Information

Attendees of Anime Dallas 2020 please note several health and safety procedures are being implemented for 2020. This year will be smaller and more spread out than past years and an attendance cap will be in place.

  • MASKS will be required of all attendees, staff, and even the guests. Nobody is an exception to the mask wearing rules, and we will be asking folks to wear masks properly covering their nose and mouth.
  • There will be no at-con registration allowed on Friday or Saturday of the convention, the convention’s busiest days. Only pre-registered attendees will be able to attend.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be provided at every panel room, at vendor booths, and throughout all other event spaces of the hotel.
  • Hotel spaces will be specially sanitized and cleaned between events and at night
  • We will be asking people to respect 6 foot social distancing guidelines and putting markers in place wherever we expect to have lines.
  • An attendance cap will be implemented – and this limit will be less than half of last year’s total attendance.
  • MANY wonderful and fun events simply can NOT take place during this time. Close contact events such as our convention dances will not take place. Events like our rave dances, maid cafe, etc, won’t happen this year.
  • Panel rooms and hotel space seating will be socially distanced and additionally rooms will be capped at less than half normal capacity.

What to Expect

Industry and Guest Q&As

Learn from leading members of the anime industry through panels and events held exclusively at Anime Dallas. Get an insider look into the anime production that makes Texas a mecha for anime. Yes, a mecha. 😉

Awesome Exhibitors

Shop from an amazing assortment of vendors selling anime merchandise, and get exclusive content and art from our artists alley. You can spend all day checking out our exhibit hall.

Autographs and Guests

Come by and meet some awesome anime industry professionals. Purchase an autograph from one of our amazing special guests of autographs. Some of our awesome guests are giving away a free autograph for each person too.

Anime Dallas Policies

Anime Dallas is a safe and welcoming environment for fans of all kinds. We tolerate no form of harassment, especially in regards to gender, sexual orientation, race, or any other factor. Anime Dallas is an environment that is meant to be safe for all anime fans.

harassment policy

Join us for Kids Free Sunday! Kids under 13 get admission for free on Sunday. Must be with a parent at all times! All others can get a one-day-only Sunday pass for just $10 (cash only) at the door!

— Registration is Cash Only —

Our Success


Dealers, artists, and other exhibitors.


Individual attendees and cosplayers.


Days filled with anime and fun.

Want involved?

You can volunteer to be part of the staff for Anime Dallas.

We are always looking for excited anime fans who want to build an amazing anime convention together, using teamwork and dedication to your other anime fans.