Anime Dallas Gaming

Console Gaming


Landmark D (Lobby Level)

Friday, Nov 24

2pm-12am | Pokemon Snap and Resident Evil.

3pm-4pm | Smash Brothers Melee [Free Entry]

Saturday, Nov 25

10am-12am | Pokemon Snap and Resident Evil

3pm-4pm | Super Smash Ultimate [$5 Entry]

Sunday, Nov 26

10am-4pm | Pokemon Snap and Resident Evil.

Tabletop Gaming


Cumberland GH (Lower Level)

Friday, Nov 24

2pm-12am | Free figure painting. We provide mini figures and paint. Everyone gets to keep their figure.

2pm-12am | My Hero Academia TTRPG

5pm-7:00 | (TCG) Learn to play trading cards [Free Entry]  

7pm-9pm | (TCG) Pokemon TCG tournament. Packs are provided to the top two players. [$5 entry]

Saturday, Nov 25

10am-12am | Free figure painting. We provide mini figures and paint. Everyone gets to keep their figure.

10am-12am | My Hero Academia TTRPG

2pm-3pm | (TCG) Free-Learn how to play trading cards.

4pm-6pm | (TCG) One Piece TCG tournament [Free Entry] 

7pm-9pm | (TCG) Magic Streets Of New Capenna Draft Tournament [$25 Entry] 

Sunday, Nov 26

10am-4pm | My Hero Academia TTRPG 

12pm-2pm | (TCG) One Piece Tournament [Free Entry]

1pm-2pm | (TCG) Magic The Gathering Commander Tournament [Free Entry] 

RPG Gaming

Super Amigo Squad

Cumberland EF (Lower Level)

Friday, Nov 24 | 2pm-12am

Saturday, Nov 25 | 10am-12am

Sunday, Nov 26 | 10am-4pm

The Cram School class 1-C have earned their provisional hero licenses and have begun working with heroes of Showbiz’s hero agency. What should have been a normal patrol goes awry. Will they be able to unravel the mystery and stop the bad guys before they unleash chaos upon the city without the help of the heroes? Or will they be the ones in need of rescuing? Find out next time on UA Cram School!

Hi, everyone! Your friends here at the SuperAmigoSquad are hosting our My Hero Academia Tabletop Roleplaying Game again at Anime Dallas this year! This year’s theme being “Dreams of Grandeur,” are you ready to have a taste of heroic action? Join us and create your own U.A. student for our Cram School in our free-to-play, anyone-can-join game. It’s drop-in, drop-out, so if you’d like to play for a while and then run off to panels and the dealer’s room, you can do so and still come back to play with no penalty. Even if you don’t know how to play, don’t worry, we created this system with new players in mind so it will be easy to learn, and we’d love to teach you. Our little story runs all three days so feel free to join us at any time!

About SuperAmigoSquad: 

SuperAmigoSquad is a creative gaming group who specialize in writing original campaigns and stories. When we’re not running TTRPG campaigns, you can find us on D&D podcast on Spotify or playing video games on YouTube. Our fearless leader Rio is a published novelist and a professional game master. Mercer is a published poet, veteran TTRPG game master, and creator of several unique games such as our My Hero TTRPG. Mao is an experience coordinator and tabletop model creator.