Entertainment Guests

Dallas Sumo Club

Dallas Sumo Club is an internationally recognized non-profit organization leading the way in education and growth of Japan’s oldest and Texas’ fastest growing sport with bi-weekly training, frequent demonstrations at public events, as well as participation in competitive local and national tournaments.

Caleb Hyles -Concert-

Come out to enjoy a music-filled night with Caleb Hyles! This YouTube musician is pumped to celebrate Anime Dallas by singing your favorites from Disney, anime, broadway, and more! Don’t think you’ll just sitting back in your seat though, Caleb always loves a sing-along with the crowd and hopes to get you on your feet by the end of this high energy musical act! Come say hi after the show, grab a CD, an autograph and a high-five! 

Anime Gone Metal

I’m a professional guitar performer and a graduate from Berklee College of Music. I’ve studied under some of the greatest guitar players in the nation, collaborated with several big named YouTube musicians from across the globe, performed at countless conventions throughout my music career, and I just love what I do. Even though I occasionally gig as a classical, jazz, blues, and fusion guitarist; my main influence has been and always will be metal. Metal… and anime. 

Ryu Japan

RYU (RYU JAPAN) is a Japanese Singer/YouTuber from Tokyo, Japan. He has performed and released his music globally in the US, Canada, Asia, Europe, and Japan since his debut.

His YouTube channel “RYU JAPAN”  has over 16 Million Views and 120K Subscribers and is gaining popularity world wide.

His purpose is to spread his sound and message to the world.

“YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/RYUJAPAN

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ryujapan_/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ryujapannn”

PAiDA Live in Concert — Let’s Save the World! 

PAiDA the Space City Idol has been performing idol and anisong music around the world since 2014 and has amassed nearly 50k followers on TikTok with her creative song translations from English to Japanese. With the debut of her EP “.first contact.” last year, she began to put in motion a grander plan of saving the Earth, and maybe humanity if we can clean up our act in time. 


Providing multiple mainstage performances, Norsefyre creates engaging themed stage events incorporating a multitude of skills including aerial silks, juggling, acrobatics, LED spinning, and more. As the name suggests, Norsefyre also provides fire acts – due to insurance and safety requirements, no fire performances will be possible this year.

Norsefyre is a collaboration between artists, instructors, and performers which creates wonderful opportunities for the performing arts community. As well as inspiring and entertaining audiences all over the USA, Norsefyre has several touring academy instructors who travel and teach circus arts to aspiring performers and the casually interested alike.

Texan Heat Nerdlesque

Established February 12th, 2016, Texan Heat Nerdlesque is one of the first nerdlesque-centric troupes based in Texas! Proudly queer-owned, we aim to share performances from individuals just as diverse as the fandoms where each of us reside! For Anime Dallas 2022, we wanted to feature our favourite husbandos and spouses from popular media, performed by a full cast of hims and thems in our revival of “Husbando Heaven ”! We have performances from our troupe members, local guests, and out-of-town guests! We also have a half-time trivia game with plenty of fun and wonderful prizes! We hope you enjoy the show!

18+ wristbands are picked up at Registration, or Con Ops after Registration hours. School or university identification cannot be accepted; state or federal ID must be provided. Non-resident foreign nationals may provide a government-issued passport.


CreepyPasta is the new Urban Legend. Horror stories and experiences from around the internet are crawling out of the woodwork and coming to your ears from one specific voice. MrCreepyPasta, horror storyteller of YouTube, is a well-known voice for such famous horror characters such as Jeff the Killer, Smile Dog, and Eyeless Jack. Over that time the CreepyPasta narrators have grown exponentially over the years to become a staple in the YouTube community and in the horror genre.

Ani-Idol Dallas

Time to shine! ~ Come celebrate idols at Anime Dallas’s 1st idol festival, ANI-IDOL FESTIVAL! Ani-Idol Dallas will be showcasing wonderful performances from idols all over the DFW area! Bring your best energy, lightsticks/penlights and chants to this great first time event! ~ Let’s see all idols and the audience sparkle! We really hope to see you there!

Leslie Luna

Leslie Luna is a Professional Circus Performer on a mission to merge her two biggest passions, Circus and Cosplay. Join Leslie Luna at Anime Dallas 2022 as she performs a Hoop and Dance style performance! All ages welcome!

Assuming Positions

As card carrying nerds, Kevin and Mykie often kill the idle hours with frequent Nerd Debates: delving into various pop culture arguments and going down dorky rabbit-holes, debating and dissecting the things we love to see how they work and what makes them cool. We share a love of a good story, an affinity for the odd or unusual, and get a kick out of digging into the nitty gritty of what makes certain pieces of nerd culture so fascinating. Listen in, grab a slice of pizza and chat along with us. Follow us! @assumingpod on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!