Goisagi is a fast-paced taiko group from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Goisagi means Night Heron in Japanese, a bird which inspired the group. Founded in 2013, by Sean Ibanez, Goisagi members share over 30 years combined taiko and percussion experience that has entertained and astounded audiences at marathons, corporate team building events, sports intermissions, weddings, and festivals. The four core members of Goisagi are Sean Ibanez, who also builds the taiko and composes; Kena Sosa, performer and Public Relations; Jay Cantu, performer and sound engineer; and Kris Wong, performer and creator of Goisagi merchandise. Goisagi performs only originally composed music with visual choreographed movements that make their taiko set unique and invigorating. The group is also open to creating team building classes, workshops, and collaborations with other percussion or musical groups.  Goisagi can be found on their Youtube channel for videos, on Facebook and Instagram for contact and updates, as well as Soundcloud. Goisagi will be recording their first EP soon.

Main Events Stage

Friday – 6:00 PM