Guest Requests

Are you an agent or an actor who wants to participate in Anime Dallas? We are flattered by your interest!

But Anime Dallas is not a comic con, and we don’t intend to invite guests that are in it for the money, the fame, or the fortune. Our goal is to give the fans a very unique, special, and personal experience. That means no charging tons of money for autographs, and we won’t offer to pay appearance fees for actors we have not invited ourselves. Admission to the convention is not very expensive so we don’t have a huge budget.

We usually get one email a week from agents wanting us to invite their guests, but as a fan-centric and not-hollywood convention we just can’t possibly afford it.

Are you willing to come out just to support the fans at the convention? Well that’s really sweet of you, and we’d love to hear from you.

Are you an attendee who wants to make a request? You can email us your suggestion as well, but please note that we are focusing our guest list on the guests we know and work with regularly as they are the easiest for us to get ahold of.

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