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Sonny Strait has over 20 years of professional experience in the arts. Most recognized as the voice of Krillin and Usopp on the wildly popular Dragon Ball and One Piece franchises as well as an illustrator for the most famous, independently published comic book series Elfquest. As a voice actor, Strait is considered to be one of the most recognized voice actors in the business. He’s played numerous roles including Maes Hughes in Fullmetal Alchemist, and Cartoon Network’s laid back, robot host Toonami TOM. He has also worked as a writer and director on several TV series including Dragon Ball Z, Escaflowne, Lupin III and Yuri on Ice.

As a comic book artist he has 17 published works to date including his work on Elfquest (published by DC Comics). He’s considered one of the top Elfquest artists from its over 30-year history. In 2007, he wrote and illustrated a graphic novel about a reluctant punk rock, faerie princess named Goat. The book, called “We Shadows”(published by Tokyopop) was nominated by The American Library Association for Best Graphic Novel in 2008. Recently he returned to Elfquest as a colorist for Dark Horse Comics and was a major contributor on the artist retrospective book “Line of Beauty; The Art of Wendy Pini” (Flesk Publishing). He continues acting today and teaches at Sonny Strait Studios in Denton TX.


Greg Ayres went blasting his way through 2017! He was thrilled to make his second appearance in Dragon Ball Super earlier this year as Frost, and equally excited to help blast bugs as Geo in Sony Picture’s Starship Troopers : Traitor of Mars. 2017 also gave him the opportunity to reprise one of his favorite roles as Son Goku in Saiyuki Reload Blast, and will also be appearing in Haikyu as Yu Nishinoya, as well as voicing Zenji Marui in Food Wars. With over 290 credits to his name, he has managed to play a variety of characters that are almost as colorful as his hair. Some recent roles include Nagisa Haruki in Free, and Free Eternal Summer, MonoKuma in Danganronpa, Clear in Dramatical Murder, and Doug in Gangsta. Thrilled to be a part of the Toonami re-launch in the roles of Ganta Igarashi in Deadman Wonderland, and Heihachi Hayashida in Samurai 7, and even more thrill to follow that up the in the following summer’s thriller Another as Kouichi Sakakibara. He can also be hear as Satoru Asahina in From the New World, Kenji Nakanishi in Say I Love You, Sion in No. 6, Heisuke Toudou in Hakuoki, Tommyrod in Toriko, Tomoki Sakurai, in Heaven’s Lost Property, and Volken, in the Book of Bantorra.Some of his all-time favorite roles include Son Goku in Saiyuki, Chrono in Chrono Crusade, Kaoru Hitachiin in Ouran High School Host Club, Youhei Sunohara in Clannad, Yuki in The Wallflower, Leo in Ghost Stories, Satoshi Hiwatari in DNAngel, Kaworu Nagisa in the Director’s Cut of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Negi Springfield in Negima. When he’s not in a booth with headphones on, you can usually find him sporting headphones behind “the decks”at many a music event. A veteran nightclub DJ of many years, he has jumped at the opportunity to play music and organize late night dances at many of the conventions he attends. He currently helps organize dance and music tracks at several US conventions.Greg is also a member of Project BECK, who perform music from the anime Beck Mongolian Chop Squad, and has had a blastreliving the music from the show with his friends. Thrilled to be able to share his love of music with anyone willing to listen – from packed rooms at anime conventions, to the legendary stage of The Knitting Factory (NYC), he’s always ready to make a little noise.


As a multi award winning actor behind the mic, on camera, and on stage, Todd Haberkorn has had the pleasure of working in a variety of mediums in the entertainment industry. The LA based actor is also a director for companies like Netflix and Funimation Entertainment as well as a producer for production groups like Geek&Sundry. In the anime world, he voices roles such as Grey Matter in Ben10, Sparrow Hood in Ever After High, Elfonso in Sophia The First, Natsu from Fairy Tail, Italy from Hetalia, Ling Yao from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Tierno from Pokemon, Allen Walker from D. Gray Man, Hikaru Hitachin from Ouran High School Host Club, Death The Kid from Soul Eater, and many others.

As far as video games go, you’d recognize his voice in the Call of Duty Series, Persona series, World of Warcraft, Street Fighter IV, Ghostbusters, Silent Hill: Book of Memories, Borderlands 2, and Rage to name a handful. His voice makes sure to get its marathon training as an award winning narrator for audiobooks. Do a Google search and you’ll find everything from thrillers and young adult to zombie sagas and children’s books. His latest win is the 2016 SOVAS award for best narration of a classic novel. As far as on camera is concerned see him in the internationally recognized and award winning, Star Trek Continues, as Spock.

When he isn’t fighting digital monsters in video games or trying to save the day on film, Todd travels the U.S. and internationally making appearances at gnarly pop culture conventions as a guest to meet super cool fans and sign autographs. Follow Todd on Twitter (@toddhaberkorn) and Instagram (@Haberographer). For merchandise like his music album, concert dvd, and t-shirts:


Contributing to the anime world since 2003, beginning with ADV films, Blake Shepard regularly lends his vocal talents to FUNimation, Seraphim Digital. His unique tone and versatility has allowed him to provide performances for a range of characters in shows such as: Food Wars (Crunchy Roll and Hi Dive), Air Gear (SyFy Channel/Adult Swim), Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood, One Piece, Attack on Titan (Cartoon Network), Halo Legends (Netflix) and many more. As an animator, Blake Shepard has also provided the Anime Network with original animation as well as creating promos and bumpers for the network. His company Dynosaur Productions focuses on original content and new technologies. His new project: Robot Girl Chronicles is currently in production. You can learn more at

Kristen McGuire

Kristen McGuire

Kristen McGuire is a voice actor, script adapter and ADR director for Funimation. She is most well known for her voice acting work as Loop Nishigori in Yuri!! On ICE, Young Nora in RWBY, Rin Toyama in New Game, Hanabi Kawai in Keijo!!!!!!!!, and Hinano Kurahashi in Assassination Classroom. She has directed the English dubs for Gamers!, Citrus, and assistant directed for ElDLIVE and Tsukigakirei. Kristen has also served as the script adapter for many Funimation titles, including Love Live! Sunshine!!, Dagashi Kashi, Tsukigakirei, and the Vision of Escaflowne. She also enjoys making her own comics and has self published two of her own titles, a graphic novel called “Enchanted”, and a one shot comic called “A Day in the Life of a Cat Girl”. For more information about Kristen’s work you can visit

Chuck Huber

Chuck Huber

Anime fans likely know Chuck Huber from roles like Hiei in YuYu Hakusho, Stein in Soul Eater, but he’s been in some of the best and most famous anime you know. Chuck’s most recent anime roles are Reever in D-Gray Man Hallow, Austria in Hetalia, Jajuka in Escaflowne, Kuro (Sleepy Ash) in Servamp, Kuniharu in The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, Asanaga in Endride, Petra’s Father in Attack on Titan, Kyūta’s Father in The Boy and Beast, Tony Stark in Death Battle, Jason the Toymaker in Creepy Pasta and Emperor Pilaf in the DBZ movies and upcoming DBZ Super. Chuck hosts the weekly DubTrax podcast commenting with guests and characters on anime episodes and the GameChurch podcast which discusses how to live life if it’s a video game. Chuck’s digital presence is at and @chuck_huber in the twitter. Chuck Huber started acting in Anime in the roles of Garlic Jr., Android 17, Kibito, Master Shen and Mr. Shoe in DBZ. Since then he has voiced hundreds of characters including Hiei in YuYu Hakusho, Stein in Soul Eater, Kululu in Sgt. Frog, Mohji in One Piece, Shou Tucker in Full Metal Alchemist, Hiro in Shin Chan, Ash in Black Butler, Reever in D. Gray Man, Hector in Glass Fleet, Yuichi in Initial D., Akai in Oh Edo Rocket, Melt in The Tower of Druaga, Adashino in Mushishi, Eric Nishijima in Darker Than Black, Havel in Trinity Blood. He has been a writer on Hetalia, Sgt. Frog, Baccano, Spice and Wolf, Strike Witches, Dragonaut and the upcoming Skip Beat!. Video games Chuck has contributed voices for include Borderlands II, Ghostbusters, The Walking Dead, Aeon Flux, DBZ, Smite, The Killing Floor …among others. As a filmmaker Chuck has acted, produced, written or directed for Arbor Day – The Musical currently on Amazon Prime, Prince Adventures, The Troubadoors, The Fragility of Seconds, The Mechanical Grave, Odd Man Out among others. He began acting in Chicago at the Goodman Theater, Court Theater, Steppenwolf Theater after graduating from DePaul University and continues to work on stages in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Most recently he played Hugh Jameison in the movie Parkland, produced by Tom Hanks and starring Billy Bob Thornton and Paul Giamatti. He plays Russian bad guy, Colonel Kashoid, in AmeriGeddon and the demon Baal in The Crossroads of Hunter Wilde directed by Mike Norris (son of Chuck Norris), plays Dr. McCoy in Star Trek Continues; Dean Hansen on Season 2 of American Crime on ABC and Detective Swinton in the upcoming feature film The Harrowing.


Colleen Clinkenbeard is a voice actor and director with over 300 roles in anime and video games. Currently she is most excited to be producing, directing, and acting in My Hero Academia!

Her credits include Kid Gohan, Android 18, and Mai in Dragon Ball Z Kai and Dragon Ball Super, Erza in Fairy Tail, Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece, Riza Hawkeye in Full Metal Alchemist, Hana in Wolf Children, Inner Moka in Rosario + Vampire, Momo Yaoyorozu in My Hero Academia, Yuko in xxxHolic and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Éclair in Kiddy Grade, Éclair in Ouran High School Host Club, Rachel in Case Closed, Mama in Kodocha, Sakurako in Negima!, Chibi Romano in Hetalia, Maso and Himawari in Shin Chan, Esther in Trinity Blood, Rose in SoltyRei, Reina in Witchblade, Galatea in Claymore, Kareha in Shuffle!, Cordelia in Romeo x Juliet, Rin in Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne, Matsu in Sekirei, Marie in Soul Eater, Noriko in Summer Wars, Makina in Deadman Wonderland, Scanty in Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Scarlet in Space Dandy, Ema in Brothers Conflict, Otoya in Riddle Story of Devil, Ocatvia in Garo: The Animation, Rose in Dimension W, Millerna in The Vision of Escaflowne, Yukizome in Danganronpa 3, Minako in Yuri!! On Ice, Jeanne d’Arc in Drifters, Mia in Ace Attorney, Angelica in Sakura Quest, the Tiger in Juni Taisen and Nice in Baccano.

She can also be heard in video games playing the roles of Lilith, Tannis, and Captain Scarlet in the Borderlands series, Galilea and Nova in Battleborn, Arachne, Ne Zha, and Narrator Tutorial in Smite, Sorceress in Orcs Must Die, and many more. You may also know her as an ADR director, with credits such as My Hero Academia, Full Metal Alchemist, Steins;Gate, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, xxxHolic, Black Butler, Kiddy Grade, Kodocha, Negima, Moon Phase, Aquarion, Code Breaker, Fractale, Kenichi, and many more. Facebook: colleen.clinkenbeardvoiceactress Twitter: @ccarrollbeard


Ricardo Contreras is a professional audio engineer living in Houston, Texas. Known for his work for in the audio post industry, Ricardo also works as a freelance sound designer, mix engineer, producer, audiobook editor, video editor, and whatever else his hands on. Notable anime titles include Haikyu!! Parasyte the Maxim, Made in Abyss, Princess Principal, Akame Ga Kill, My love Story, Monster Musume, Himouto! Umaru-chan, Food Wars, No Game No Life, Chihayafuru, Black Bullet, Girls Und Panzer, Appleseed Alpha, Log Horizon, Danmachi, Sword Oratoria, Gatchaman Crowds, Gatchaman Insight, and many more! Ricardo loves dogs, video games, Star Wars, Slipknot, and a team that can communicate on Overwatch! You can talk to him on Twitter @RJC_Rick

Luci Christian is a professional actor living in Houston, Texas. Internationally known for her voice work, her career also spans stage, television, radio, industrial, and anything else she can book. Notable anime roles for Funimation include Ochaco in My Hero Academia, Psiren and Wrath in Fullmetal Alchemist, Nami in One Piece, Kyuta in The Boy and the Beast, Lenalee in D. Grayman, Honey in Ouran Host Club, Asuna in Negima, Alois in Black Butler, Tenma in School Rumble, Rico in Gunslinger Girl, Ophelia in Claymore, Makina in Shikabane Hime, Birdy in Birdy the Mighty:Decode, the Narrator in Kamisama Kiss, Hungary in Hetalia, and Medusa in Souleater. Credits for Sentai Filmworks include Trixie in Blade Runner: Black Out 2022, Yuki in Food Wars, Chihaya in ChihayafuruCarmen in Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars, Hestia in DanMachi, Satomi Murano in Parasyte: The Maxim, Deunan in Appleseed, Elsie in the World God Only Knows, Kelly in Halo Legends, Mirai Onozawa in Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Nagisa in Clannad, Kaname in Full Metal Panic!, Ringo in Air Gear, Mako in Nerima Daikon Brothers, Milia Fallyna in Macross, Haruko in Air, Risa in D.N. Angel, Tetsu in Peace Maker Kurogane, Duck/Tutu in Princess Tutu, Jinpei in Gatchaman and Paiman in Gatchaman Crowds, Sasshi in Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, and Yukari in Azumanga Daioh. You can also let her read you books on Audible! She @lucilovesmic on Twitter and can be found online at Ms. Christian holds an M.F.A. in Acting from Louisiana State University, and when she’s not working she’s usually happily hanging out with her husband and daughters and trying to use her powers for good.


Freddie Heinz is a voice actor and a Dungeon Master for the weekly YouTube show “Joyquest” on the YouTube channel “Joyride entertainment”. He won the first “Now Voice This” session on twitter hosted by Chuck Huber with Funimation’s permission to give the winner a role in an anime. Freddie Heinz voiced for the doctor in episode 46 (Season 3 Episode 8) as the Male Doctor for one scene letting Midoryia know breaking his arms is not a swell idea. You might have also heard him in Highway Blossoms as Joseph in the indie visual novel video game. He will be a guest judge for the live Now Voice This session at Anime Dallas!

Andy and HandUnit and Butters at con

Voice actor Andy Field is best known as the probably-friendly voice of Hand Unit, the smooth-talking computer guide through Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location, and the hilarious voice of Tutorial Unit in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator.  His catch phrase, “Exotic Butters” has evolved into hundreds of YouTube remixes – and an Exotic Butters plushie from Funko! Andy’s also the voice of the Kree superhero Noh-Varr in Marvel’s Avengers Academy! He has voiced national commercials for Homewood Suites and Virgin Mobile/Walmart, where he may have been involved in the biggest RickRoll in history with their commercial “Do It For The Data.”

You’ll find Andy in lots of other games.He’s all of the zombie voices in the apocalyptic thriller “Contagion”, an angry councilor in the sci-fi shooter “Nelo”, the main character in the terrifying “Conjuring House”, a cop-hating bad guy in “Rico,” Spawn in the Asian crossover “Survival”, and more! As a fan himself, Andy will go out of his way to show up in a great show.You might see him as a soldier in Avengers: Infinity War, a savior in AMC’s The Walking Dead, or as a special agent in NCIS: New Orleans. A former middle school math and STEM teacher, Andy still teaches acting classes and workshops online and in-person across the globe.

Before he was a voice actor, Andy was employed as a teacher, soldier, emergency medical technician, waiter, bartender, furniture salesman, driver, golf caddie, government contractor, college professor, small business owner, and drummer. He’s still a long-time member of the U.S. Army Reserve at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and was deployed to Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan in support of the Global War on Terror.


Julie Shields is a voice actor at FUNimation & musician based in Dallas, who can be heard in game such as Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location, Marvel Avengers Academy, Heroes of Newerth, Soul Hunters, Alice VR, Wartide, Heroes of Atlantis, The Wardrobe, Skyforge, Caste of Heart and many other games.

Her voice can also be heard in several anime titles such as Tokyo Ghoul (Matsumae), Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody (Zena), Urahara (Rito), Saiyuki Reload Blast (Rei), Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, One Piece, Attack on Titan, Red Sonja: Queen of Plagues and many more. She is also the singer/lead guitarist in The Capsules which has had songs featured in Borderlands 2 & SpongeBob SquarePants.


Aaron Roberts provides the voices for Uta in Tokyo Ghoul, Klaus Lunettes in Black Clover, Cae in Dragon Ball Super, Kamui Woods in My Hero Academia, Grimsby Keane in Black Butler, Samuel in Fairy Tail, Howard Link in D. Gray-man, Yoshikazu Aihara in Starblazers 2199, Urie Sogami in Dance With Devils, and Hit in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 video game.

Nominated for 2014 Breakthrough Voice Actor of the Year and 2018 Voice Actor of the Year by Behind The Voice Actors, Aaron Roberts scored his first big role as Sunny in Toriko: Gourmet Hunter. Having provided voices for over 200 anime series, he’s been featured in such roles as Saitaisai in Saiyuki Reload Blast, Wilhelm Ehrenberg in Dies Irae, Mino in Sakura Quest, Michael the Archangel in High School DxD, Hideki Tama in Evangelion 3.0, Lacus Welt in Seraph of the End, Natsuhiko Koyama in Assassination Classroom, Cody Balfour in Gangsta., and Mamoru in Kamisama Kiss. You may have also heard him in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Smite, Paladins, Attack On Titan, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Code: Breaker, One Piece, Daimadaler: Prince vs. Penguin Empire, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Divine Gate, Eureka Seven AO, Ghost in The Shell: The New Movie, Haganai, Maken-Ki! Battling Venus 2, Mitchiko & Hatchin, Ninja Slayer, No-Rin, Nobunagun, Noragami Aragoto, Tokyo ESP, Unbreakable Machine-Doll, First Love Monster, ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept., All Out!!, and Drifters.

Since receiving his BFA in Theatre from Southern Methodist University, Aaron has been a celebrated actor for the stage and screen in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and working in all areas of production for almost 20 years.


Brittany Lauda is a TX/NY voice actress & ADR director who is best known for playing Ichigo in DARLING in the FRANXX, Riko in Made in Abyss, Yuri in Double Decker: Doug & Kirill, Lion in Hina Logic, Nene in My First Girlfriend is a Gal, Audrey Belrose in Huniepop/Huniecam, Osana Najimi in Yandere Simulator, Miza Kusakari in Tokyo Ghoul:re, Kaoru Daichi in Ladies versus Butlers, and Mirim in Queen’s Blade (to name a few!). You can also catch her voice in Pokemon XY, Hasbro apps & games like My Little Pony and Transformers, Aphmau animations as Cathy and various video games like Battlerite, Heroes Arena and Minotaur. Other anime credits of hers include Dies Irae, Seven Mortal Sins, Juden-Chan: Recharged, Rio: Rainbow Gate, World War Blue, Fairy Tail, Gosick, King’s Game, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Citrus, Overlord, Hanebado, Deathmarch to the Parallel World Rhapsody, Morose Mononokean, Concrete Revolutio, Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls and more. She co-owns Kocha Sound where she does directing & casting for titles like YIIK: A Postmodern RPG and Minotaur as well as anime series like Ai No Kusabi, Ladies versus Butlers, Juden-Chan: Recharged and World War Blue. She acts as Head ADR Director over at Media Blasters and has worked on titles at Funimation as a director/AD such as Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These, The Morose Mononokean, Hina Logic, Dies Irae, Chio’s School Road, Angels of Death, Alice & Zoroku and New Game!

Outside of voice over & directing, Brittany enjoys playing with her Shiba Inu named Raven, playing video games, trying not to play more World of Warcraft, bronzing it up in League of Legends, squeeing at how cute Gon & Killua are in HUNTERxHUNTER and telling herself she doesn’t need more figurines of husbandos like Hisoka and Kurama. Check out for more credits, or follow her on twitter (@BrittanyLaudaVO) for shenanigans.


Matt Shipman is a Texas and New York based Voice Actor, ADR Writer, ADR Engineer, and all around nerd-guy. He is best known for voicing Hiro in DARLING in the FRANXX, Inasa in My Hero Academia, and Shay in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V. Additionally, he can be heard in GOSICK as Kazuya Kujo, Juni Taisen as Snake, Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast as Byakuya, Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These as Julian Mintz, Ai no Kusabi as Norris, World War Blue as Gear, Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru as Higekiri and several other anime including Attack on Titan, Black Clover, and One Piece. Matt writes scripts for Funimation (New Game!!, A Sister’s All You Need., KARAKAI JOZU NO TAKAGI-SAN) and Media Blasters (Juden-Chan, Ai no Kusabi) and works as assistant director for Media Blasters titles. He also co-owns Kocha Sound alongside Brittany Lauda. Matt plays Street Fighter, loves the Zero Escape and Persona series, watches seasonal anime, plays card games, and loves to talk about all things nerdy. Talk to him on Twitter (@MattShipmanVO)!


Megan Shipman has been working professionally for Funimation Entertainment by providing voice over talent for many different projects and shows for the last 5 years. She’s voiced characters like Yuzu Aihara from “Citrus”, Aoba Suzukaze from “New Game!”, Caimie from “One Piece”, Snow White from “Magical Girl Raising Project”, Shimakaze from “Kantai Collection”, Mare Bello Fiore from “Overlord”, IF from “Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation”, Cassidy from “Dimension W”, Arisa Meigo from “A Certain Magical Index: The Miracle of Endymion”, Hibari from “Senran Kagura”, and Corriente from “Show by Rock!!”. In addition to these characters, she’s also been featured in shows like “Fairy Tail”, “Snow White with the Red Hair”, “Seraph of the End”, “Kamisama Kiss”, and “High Schol DxD Born”. She also has a YouTube channel she goes by MopTop and sings English covers of her favorite anime songs. You can find her on Twitter at @18moptop where she posts a lot of gifs from shows that she is currently watching, and pictures of any cosplay she is currently wearing.


Kara Edwards is a voice actor, photographer, and mom. She’s most well known for voicing Goten, Gotenks, and Videl in DragonBall Z, Kai, and Super. Additional anime roles include Nymph in Heaven’s Lost Property, Chihiro in Danganronpa, Cody in Ace Attorney, Aika in High School DxD, Pipimi in Pop Team Epic, Murugu in Yu Yu Hakusho, Eternal Feather in Soul Eater Not!, Female Russia in Hetalia, Young Ultear in Fairy Tail, Lil in One Piece, Febrie and Tesso in A Certain Scientific Railgun, and many more. Popular game characters include Shayne and Sister Aria in Battleborn and Athena and Beach Babe Aphrodite in Smite. Kara works full-time from her home studio and is often heard on TV, radio, and the web. Additionally, for the past ten years she has been the voice of Highlights Magazine, voicing monthly audio versions of their magazines. You can learn more at .


Thomas Mckee is orginally from South bend, Indiana. He is now living in the Dallas area working in theatre and voice acting. He has voiced as Zombies in One Piece and The Royal guard in Royal Tutor. He has appeared as Knight healer in Knights vs Pirates vs Vikings 2 and Agent Gills in Night watch. Thomas is really excited to meet everyone!


Phoenix Desires is a Nerdlesque troupe based in Houston Texas with performers from all walks of life. Formed at the end of 2017, Phoenix Desires pays homage to the more sultry side of pop culture with ample audience participation and tantalizing routines. From My Little Pony to Homestuck, Phoenix Desires embraces every body shape and hopes to inspire others to be confident in their body.

THN NEW Banner 2018 Fall

Established February 12th, 2016, Texan Heat is one of the first cosplay burlesque troupes in Texas! The troupe aims to provide performances that stay true to the characters we choose to represent. We have performed at A-KON, San Japan, Haven Con, and more, and each show is unique with different performers and acts. We work within the realms we are given to provide a large variety of different acts to show you! From flow arts, to traditional striptease, to skits, to audience participation, and to eventually aerial, we aim to be as diverse in our skill set as possible! We hope to see you at our show for Anime Dallas!


Jay Hickman began his career in anime in the 1990s, when he landed his first role at ADV Films in Master of Mosquiton. Since then, he has appeared in more than 100 titles with studios including ADV Films, Funimation, Sentai Filmworks, Switchblade Pictures, Okratron 5000, and others. As a character actor, Jay has been able to voice a broad variety of colorful roles, with the occasional romantic lead thrown in for good measure. His notable credits over the past two decades are Mechazawa in Cromartie High School, Spitfire in Air Gear, Sho Zama in Aura Battler Dunbine, Shiryu in Saint Seiya, Chuu and Hammond in One Piece, Kagetane Hiruko in Black Bullet, Chief Kurama in Elfen Lied, Millio Toriyama in Gatchaman Crowds insight, Koji in Generator Gawl, Toru Watanabe in Excel Saga, The Fool in Kaleido Star, Crusty in Log Horizon, SSS in Madlax, Dera Mochimazzi in Tamako Market, Sanetoshi Watase in Penguindrum, Prince Mytho in Princess Tutu, Joichiro Yukihira in Food Wars!, and Giraffe in Revue Starlight, among many others. Jay’s voice has also been featured in the live action features Dark Water, Synesthesia, Conduct Zero, The Fuccons, Touching Wild Horses, Gamera – Attack of Legion, as well as in the video game Unlimited Saga. Jay had his Toonami debut playing Dr. Stylish in Akame ga KILL! and Shiro Kuramori in Parasyte – the maxim.


Jeremy Inman started voice acting in 2000 as Android 16 in Dragonball Z. Since Android 16, he has voiced characters in countless shows over the years. Some recent favorites are JJ in Yuri! On Ice, Taurus in Fairy Tail, Magne in My Hero Academia, Magellan in One Piece, and many more.  Since his beginnings as a voice actor, Jeremy has since started Voice Directing for Funimation. He’s proud of the many awesome titles he’s had a hand in bringing to life, including Golden Kamuy, How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord, Space Battleship Tiramisu and the soon returning Saga of Tanya the Evil. Other titles include ReLife, Hakata Tonkostu Ramen, and Saiyuki Reload Blast.  Aside from his voice and Directing work in anime, Jeremy also has experience working as a 1st AD in Film and television.


VA Stephanie Young and David Brehm (The Brehms) in Concert! Join The Brehms, featuring Stephanie Young (VA – One Piece, FMA Brotherhood, Zombieland Saga, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, DragonBall Xenoverse) and her rockstar, animator husband, David Brehm (Jimmy Neutron, Ant Bully, Olive the Other Reindeer) as they share their original music!

Retro infused with a dash of cocktail chic, THE BREHMS are a husband/wife duo from Dallas, Texas. For nearly a decade, this vocal/guitar duo has captured the hearts of listeners worldwide with their eclectic, jazz pop music. Onstage and off, you can see Stephanie and David’s absolute bond of partnership and devotion to craft. Stephanie’s alluring vocal tone is unmistakable, and during live performances, she commands the stage with a feminine and honest approach to her music. Similar to the legendary Wes Montgomery, David Lee Brehm uses his thumb to craft a warm and melodic guitar tone. His retro playing style gives the duo a timeless sound, and their amazing rhythm section delivers infectious grooves that will move your body and your mind. Their sound has been compared to a mix of Melody Gardot, Sade, Carlos Santana, Bebel Gilberto, and Pink Martini!

The BREHMS were finalists in the USA Songwriting Competition in 2010 for their original song, RED DRESS, and they have performed their music all across the globe, from Omaha to Australia. The duo has recorded two albums and an EP of all original material: THE BREHMS (2010), SUMMER MOON (2014), and The Brehms new EP, HIGH LIFE, featuring an exciting new approach to their unique jazz/pop sound. THE BREHMS have a Pandora channel, and they would love to connect with you in the online universe! The Brehms can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and Soundcloud.

For more info, visit:


Chairman of Anime Dallas, John Swasey started down the road of anime in 1997, when he landed his first role in Golden Boy from ADV Films. Since then, John has gone on to voice hundreds shows and characters. John’s wife once quipped that there are certain actors who might be the “Brad Pitts” of anime but John is the “Kevin Bacon” of anime. Being the character actor type has given John the freedom to voice bazillions of characters such as Undertaker in Black Butler, Salvador in Borderlands II (VG), Gendo in Evangelion, the Captain in Halo (VG), Lord Death in Soul Eater, Hoenheim in Fullmetal Alchemist, Sir Crocodile in One Piece, Salvador in Borderland II, Kogoro in Sgt. Frog, Huang in Darker than Black, Vulcan in Orphen, Ken in Kaleido Star, Captain Ahab in Hakugei The Legend of Moby Dick, Rikudoh in RahXephon, Mister in Coyote Ragtime Show, as well as roles in the live action films 2009 Lost Memories, Conduct Zero, Yesterday, Jungle Juice, and the Gamera trilogy. Most recently you can catch John in the broadcast series of GANGSTA as Chad, and Akame Ga Kill as Bols as seen on Toonami.

Meet your board members.

  • John Swasey
  • Chuck Huber
  • More to be announced!

Many guests will be happy to sign autographs and take photos with fans at the convention for free, though some may charge. Though the board members may be busier than usual, we want to bring fans and industry members like ourselves closer together.