Harassment Policy

Anime Dallas (AD) has absolutely no tolerance for harassment of any kind at our convention. We take harassment seriously, and intend to go above and beyond just setting forth this policy, with proactive measures intended to prevent, curtail, and restrain harassing or nuisance behavior.

People acting in any way that makes others feel unwelcome at Anime Dallas will be removed.

Generally, the sentence above could be considered our whole harassment policy, but we want to be extra clear. Doing something that makes the event less fun for others is not okay. This could include stalking, harassing, name-calling, body-shaming, threatening, demeaning, assaulting, or otherwise bothering others.

We realize it is possible to abuse a system like this; we intend to investigate thoroughly any report made to Mission Control and respond appropriately.

Simply put: all good, kind people are welcome at Anime Dallas, and will be made to feel safe.