Leslie “Tsuki” Luna

Leslie Luna is a 5th generation circus performer. She’s performed around the world in: Dubai, Germany Turkey, across Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Mexico, and all over the USA. She’s worked in various circuses, including: Ringling Brothers, Clybebitty, she was a backup in Cirque du Soleil, Circo Latino, Circo Osorio, and her family’s own circus.

Leslie performs, single trapeze, flying trapeze, Roman rings, knife throwing, aerial web, 100 hula hoops, animal training, aerial bamboo, high wire, magic, Moto cyclone, aerial cyclone, Russian swing, and many more.

Her father was the youngest man in the world who did a quadruple trapeze somersault, and triple and a half. Her aunt was the third woman in the world to do a triple. Her grandfather was the first man in Mexico, and the second man in the us, who did a triple on trapeze. Her mother famous in Mexico for hanging by her teeth in the aerial bamboo act.

Leslie Luna is one first and few circus performers, to also delve into cosplay. She learned from her father, and cosplays with her husband. Her cosplay name is “Tsuki” which means moon is Japanese, the same as her last name. She hopes to promote circuses migrating into anime and comic conventions.

She’s also worked in modeling, acting, and dancing.

Her son is known as the Great, Amazing, Legendary, and Handsome Leonardo! He will one day be the greatest Cosplayer and circus performer in the entire universe times 7. He may be only eleven and a half months old, but trust us, he will be.

Leslie “Tsuki” Luna will be doing a performance at her panel in room 3 from 11:30am – 12:20pm.