Convention Trades

Do you run or work for another local con in the area? Come on down! We’ll get you a totally free no strings attached table at Anime Dallas.

Contact us with the name of your con and we’ll get it set up for yall!

Any con is welcome! Sci-fi cons too!

Table exchange rules:

  • Table exchanges come with 4 free weekend badges to the convention. We can’t provide more than 4, so if you need additional badges, you will have to buy them.
  • Placement has not yet been determined and will be based on space available. Tables may be in the hallway so you would have to reset each night. We will put them in the secured dealers room if we can, but we can’t guarantee this if we don’t have enough space.
  • Space is available to any fan type convention. If you run a science fiction convention, a video game convention, or another anime convention, come on and contact us for a table.
  • We highly encourage reaching out at least 6-8 weeks before the convention. After that, it will be very very difficult for us to squeeze any more tables in.
  • Names of all 4 representatives will be due 4 weeks before the convention.