Con Rules

The rules of the con are also just good rules to live by.

Break it down to a couple simple elements:

  • Be good to other people.
  • Be good to yourself.

That can shorten a heck of a lot of reading if you just remember those 2 things. But, because everyone’s interpretation is different, here are some concrete rules.

  • No harassment, bullying, or other detrimental activity of any kind.
  • Nothing unsafe is allowed, such as rollerskating through the con or standing on a table.
  • No pets or wild animals at the con. (Service dogs OK).
  • No fighting at the con–even fake swordfights–unless part of a sanctioned event.
  • Avoid roughhousing or rough play.  It’s dangerous.
  • Avoid 18+ language at events that are not marked 18+.
  • Wear shoes at the convention; bare feet pose a liability.
  • Don’t break the law. Serious.
  • No drugs or underage drinking, even in your own hotel room. We take this seriously; it’s far too easy to “think you can handle it” at a con and realize you can NOT because of the tiredness from being at con. Just don’t do any drugs here, and don’t drink underage.
  • No sleeping in convention space–only in hotel rooms.
  • REAL weapons are not allowed. For example, no guns, even if you have a permit. The main reason is because someone else might think it’s a toy and aim it at somebody. Even if “nobody else can touch it” it’s just NOT allowed, period.
  • We reserve the right to refuse admission or service to anybody for any reason.
  • We can change the rules at any time based at OUR best discretion.
  • Any report of theft or attempted theft from anywhere such as the vendor room will result in a lifetime ban, and you will go to jail, period.
  • We can kick anyone out for breaking the rules at any time.
  • Our staff have final say at all times.